Laura Lee

Who am I?

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand and a registered Forensic Psychologist in the UK. I am in private practice in the Wairarapa, Greater Wellington. I offer assessment, therapy, consultation services and ACC services. I work with adolescents over 16, adults and offender populations. Therapy may be extended to include partners and family members as requested.


Laura Lee


What is my background?

Prior to my psychological career, I worked as an Allied Health Professional from 1979 to 1985 within the National Health Service in the UK.

After obtaining a 1 st class BA Honours degree in psychology in 1996, I worked in psychological research, training and practice for government and private organisations in the UK. I worked for Her Majesty’s Prison Service for 8 years before emigrating to New Zealand and taking up a post in Auckland as a Psychologist for the Department of Corrections in 2011.

I have been registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board since 2010. I was employed as a Senior Psychologist for Regional Forensic Psychiatric Services in Auckland from 2013-2015. I relocated to the Wairarapa in 2016 to work with CAMHS and Maori Mental Health & Addiction Services.

I am currently in full-time self employment as a Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist.

Services Offered